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Coletta Doors"We could not believe the amount of new enquiries we were receiving after our website went live, many thanks to 1st Website Marketing"

Archie Coletta -
Owner of Coletta Doors

Herts Digital Aerials

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Weathampstead Carpet Company

Wheathampstead Carpet Company
1st Website Marketing offer all aspects of the website process including consulting, advising and designing with a view to success with the major search engines

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"Credit crunch, what credit crunch"? says one of our customers

His company Herts Digital Aerials is going from strength to strength since we set up his website hertsdigitalaerials.co.uk just 6 months ago

This may be the exception in todays business climate but as more and more companies are going to the wall the survivors need all the help they can get.

No1 on Google?

Just how many new customers do you think your business would aquire if your website was No1 on Google. Well whatever that figure is, try doubling or even trebling it.

The sites that we get to the number 1 spot cannot believe the amount of new business enquiries they receive, and remember those enquiries in the main are actually customers actively ready to make a purchase for a particular service, not just browsing.

If you are not sure how effective being high up on Google really is just listen to what the owner of Coletta Doors, Archie Coletta, has to say

"We could not believe the amount of new enquiries we were receiving after our website went live, many thanks to 1st Website Marketing, it has outstripped Yellow Pages enquiries and is much more cost effective"

As nearly everyone on the planet knows, the internet is massive.
Now consider how rapidly it is expanding every day.
It is now THE major place where people go when looking for something they need.

It is also important to realise that this does not happen overnight and there are no guarantees. Anyone who tells you different doesn't know what they are talking about.
So how does a customer find your particular site in this ever growing mass?
Well actually it's a matter of hard work and a knowledge of what you need to do. We know what is needed and we will bring that knowledge to help create a successful website

So putting your website 1st on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo is our aim.

At 1st Website Marketing we understand the techniques involved.
Search engine optimisation allows us to ensure your site is well positioned to receive a high volume of internet traffic.

We offer web design and development of your site with all the necessary information needed and then submit it to all the major search engines. This is done on a regular basis.
But that's not all. We also continuously monitor your sites performance and work closely with you to ensure that your internet "ranking" remains as high as possible.

Marketing your website to achieve excellent results is something
1st Website Marketing does very very well.

Opposite are just a few examples of the sites we have designed and marketed for our clients and as you will see ALL of them get great results. To see how well these sites perform click here

As any reputable website designer and search engine optimiser will tell you there is no such guarantee as 1st place on Google or any other search engine but as our record shows we have managed great results for all our customers with most getting 1st place for many of their search terms.

We can do this for your company which in turn will bring you a vast amount of new business, but dont just take our word for it, take a look at our case studies
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