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Coletta Doors"We could not believe the amount of new enquiries we were receiving after our website went live, many thanks to 1st Website Marketing"

Archie Coletta -
Owner of Coletta Doors

Herts Digital Aerials

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Weathampstead Carpet Company

Wheathampstead Carpet Company
1st Website Marketing offer all aspects of the website process including consulting, advising and designing with a view to success with the major search engines

Beginning your site design

Your website design starts with 1st Website Marketing doing a lot of research into how customers would be looking for your type of business and what terms they will use to search for your particular service or product.

We use this information as the basis for the design to make sure we end up getting the right results

We then design the site with all the right structures in place for great results especially on Google.

When we have finished the design and made sure that it looks complete, we then have the job of making sure it is search engine friendly. We use the latest techniques to harness the power of Google to bring your company many new customers.

Getting your site indexed

The next important part is to get your site indexed on Google

This now becomes a waiting game because the major search engines can take quite a while to start to show your site and even then it will be lower down the rankings
This is where our knowledge and experience comes in

We build links back to your site to strengthen your sites ranking.

The links have to be from the correct sources. Get the wrong links to your site and Google will penalise you.
Once we have done this we can then start to moniter your sites progress and see what parts need fine tuning. This could make the difference between being on the 1st or 2nd page. Bearing in mind that over 98% of people searching on Google do not even go to the 2nd page, so you can see the importance.

At the end of the design process we will test it to see how it performs and if all is well then your site can start bringing you valuable new business.

The downside is that this can take anywhere up to six months to become effective.
Google will not suddenly give a site a top ranking overnight. It has to be worked on on a regular daily basis. This is to stop so called spammers from messing with their results, which in turn would lose Google themselves business.

Importance of updating

So now your site is up and running you can just leave it.
Well this is what happens with the majority of websites. They see it on the web and think thats all you need to do, that the orders will just keep coming.

Getting your website on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo is only part of the story if you want to have success.

You need to treat your website like you would treat a prize vegetable you were about to enter into a show. Leave it to its own devices and it will just wither and die. Nurture and care for it and it will flourish.

Why do we charge a regular monthly amount when others charge just to design your site.
Well firstly we can give you a good example.
The company mentioned earlier, Coletta Doors www.hertsrollershutters.co.uk initially had a website designed by someone else and that was it. The company they used just designed it (at great cost) and then just left it.
As Archie Coletta, the owner of Coletta Doors will testify, they never got any business from it at all.
He took a lot of persuading to let us work our magic on a new site but you only have to ring and ask him just how successful the site we completed for him has been.

We take great care to keep your site up high on the search engines and this takes time and effort.

The amount of new business your site will generate far outweighs the small amount we charge to keep your site optimised.
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