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Coletta Doors"We could not believe the amount of new enquiries we were receiving after our website went live, many thanks to 1st Website Marketing"

Archie Coletta -
Owner of Coletta Doors

Herts Digital Aerials

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Fastspeed Couriers (Herts)

Weathampstead Carpet Company

Wheathampstead Carpet Company
1st Website Marketing offer all aspects of the website process including consulting, advising and designing with a view to success with the major search engines

No charges until you start getting results. What could be fairer than that

We are so confident about getting your company great results that we wont charge you a penny until its up on Googles 1st page.
Most importantly we do not have a contract.
We do not need one as we know once your site starts getting results you will stay with us.
That is also the reason we work hard to keep your website doing well. We dont wont to lose you.
Basicly if the site stops performing you just ring us and say you don't want to continue.
As it happens we have never had any of our companies leave us.

Website Design

Once we have all the text details needed, we design the pages to suit your company but with the two main things foremost in our minds. Firstly, what your potential customers will be searching for and how they search. Secondly how relevent the search engines view your site. This is especially true with Google who get over 70% of the search market.

Search Engine Optimization

This is to keep the site doing really well on the search engines.This takes alot of time but as you can see from our results we think it is very cost effective.

We look at it like this. There are many very expensive websites out there and most wont be on the 1st page of Google, never mind 1st place. The company that designed them wont keep ckecking and improving them as this costs them valuable time and they wont do it for nothing (they would probably charge as much as £50 per hour minimum) but we believe this is vital to keep your site at the top (or there abouts).
This cost is charged monthly at £120 + vat which works out at less than £30 per week
A local ad in the paper will cost double that with nowhere near the same results.

This charge is small in comparison to many SEO companies and is far outweighed by the fantastic results we can acheive.

And the best news of all

Nothing to pay up front
We charge nothing until it is up and doing well on Googles first page. That means we work to get it up there as soon as we can. Also these results cost you nothing more unlike companies who promise to get you results but then tell you you need to start using Adwords (cost per click)

Yes, we are so confident in our ability to get you onto the 1st page of Google we wont charge you a penny until we do.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT at 15%

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We look forward to doing business with you.